What’s the matter with us?

Sometimes I don’t get it.

I simply don’t get it.

We get up at 4AM. At 5AM. Doesn’t go to sleep at 9PM. At 10PM. Lunch run/ride? No issue, let’s get trotting away with a smile on our face.

I mean, I know I’M part of it, and I’m quite happy about it! But I simply don’t get it.

We are freezing our arses off doing outdoor runs during winter. Snow? Even better! Riding in the heatwave during summer. We skip an hour on the sofa just to get it done.

Have an hour in the morning / afternoon / evening? Quick! Grab those running shoes, hop on your bike, log into Watopia! We are pedaling away happily.

We put ourselves in the hurt locker, doing 8x400m flying, or FTP tests just to see how much we are willing to suffer!? Alpe du Zwift? If anything, it is too short!

Our heart almost fibrillate during max HR tests. Just. One. Beat. Higher. Please. Than stop and puke. Clean your mouth, calm that heartbeat, continue.

Others sitting on their sofa, watching you suffer. Listening in to the turbo trainer’s squeaking noise while you make your effort for that green jersey. And they didn’t get it.

So Why?

KOM jerseys in Zwift

I want to PROVE! Whaddayasayin’? I can’t? Here, hold my beer, lemme show you that I CAN!

I want to PROVE myself, I want to crush that yesterday self. Improving on him, and leaving yesterday’s self in the dust with today’s performance.

So yeah. I don’t get it WHY am I like this…But I love the feeling of accomplishment.

And sometimes I like to beat others. But it’s mainly about the accomplishment 😉

Zwift Fondo November 11th

It’s Fondo season again in Zwift! Time to put out some grueling watts for “oh-too-long” duration, and earn that food afterwards!

So the first stage is complete (it was held on 11th of November), and after a short discussion with Family, I’ve opted for the Bambino distance. I know, Bambino distance seems short, but here is the catch: you’ll go up to the Radio Tower (Epic KOM included ofc), and when you are closing in on that last 10km, it sends you up to Volcano KOM!

So plenty of opportunity to destroy those muscles! With the short distance comes a higher pace, so if you aren’t in control of your effort (e.g. you go with the flow of others),you’ll hurt badly. I’ve learned it in a hard way (via a handful of DNF in Zwift Racing)

During the event I as mainly in control. My target was to keep up an effort which is uncomfortable, yet manageable til the end. Targets were 1-1.5 W/kg on downhills, 2-2.5 W/kg on flat and 2.5-3.5W/kg on uphills. Uphill was rather 3W/kg, as I wasn’t dare to push my limits at the first half, and took a laid back approach on the Radio Tower uphill section, didn’t want to shoot myself in the foot in the first hour.

After the Radio Tower, on the downhill section I started the surges on the very short uphills (there is one? or two? Can’t recall) which I continued on the Volcano. Volcano KOM was a nice addition to the end of the route, but the positions didn’t really changed there, everybody settled by then (of course, some fall back, some came up in front, but no real fluctuations).

When we started the Volcano KOM downhill, I’ve caught up some (5?) other riders, and later a group formed up to 1km mark. With 800 meters to go, I’ve opened my “sprint” (or rather a higher effort) with 3.5-4-4.5W/kg, but it was way to early, and around the 200m mark a handful of the riders caught up and left me behind.

All in all, it was a good experience, I’ve managed my efforts, and enjoyed every minute of it!

Let’s do that again in December 😉

My TrainingPeaks data about the event

Pictures, you ask? Here you go!


The building begins

Thank you for your interest!

I’m Andras, Hungarian, father of two, husband of one, and have a full time office job in Budapest.

In 2018 I’ve decided that after many years of struggling between running and cycling (and occasionally long distance triathlon) that I’ll stick to cycling. Why?

Multiple reasons. First of all, I have a road bike and a mountain bike at home, so that part is pretty self explanatory. But I do have running shoes as well, so that reason alone doesn’t really cut it. The second reason was because I ran a lot outside, during winter and summer as well. I don’t like winter running outside. Not.Even.A.Bit. Okay, getting there…

The main reason is because I like to longevity of bike events (think like above 100km events), I like to be in a speedy group rolling around a lake, and most of all, I did started with bike racing (although a ver basic level) back in ’97. Also have everything at home set up for indoor training.

I have a Tacx Flux trainer, a Cannondale CAAD8 with 105/Ultegra, a nice PC setup to live stream my heaving chest during events and trainings in Zwift, and yes, coming from last fact, I do have a Zwift account.

And boi! I like Zwift. Like, I’m a fan of it. I really think that Zwift kickstarted an evolution in thinking about indoor training a few years back. But a lot of others already said that. I was part of the Zwift beta (have the beta cycling kit to prove that 🙂 ), and hit level 25 in cycling recently (I’ve skipped a year in training…).

So I picked Zwift as a training tool to enhance my experience with the planned training for 2019 together with Training Peaks, and will post my journey here!

However, I couldn’t resist to the newish addition of Zwift running mode (hooray!), so I keep on running, but mainly on treadmills before the gym workout to collect the experience points and level up 🙂

So all in all, you’ll see mainly cycling and Zwift related stuffs on my site, and occasionally running (Zwift running) and some food. Food is good, right?


With that, thank you for your attention!



“Uphills, downhills, I like that” – Peter Sagan

Mayan Expansion Riding 4