My Rig

What’s the deal with my Zwift setup? Which one? šŸ™‚

Actually I have three “setup”, but only one is the real setup, the other two are standalone devices.

My main rig is a Windows PC (yeah, you’ve heard me right, a Windows 10 PC). Just upgraded, so I’ll list only the new one here, however, on my Youtube channel, you can check the specs for the AMD Ryzen config which I’ve used earlier for live streaming.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 2400G

GPU: GeForceĀ® GTX 1060 Mini ITX OC 3GĀ (benchmark site)

RAM: 1x8Gb DDR4 2400Mhz (plan to increase to 16Gb by 2019)

SSD: Intel 540 series SSD 256Gb (Zwift and Xsplit Broadcaster running from this drive as well as Windows 10)

HDD: Toshiba 1Tb HDD (for recordings of Xsplit Broadcaster and other softwares)

Keyboard: Logitech K400 keyboard+mouse combo (one of the best choices for Zwifters methink)

Main webcam: Logitech c920 – a nice choice, and while it’s not capable for 60fps or background removal, it does have a very nice picture! Situated in front of me.

Secondary webcam: Logitech c170 – I know…The little webcam that could! At least it could show you my casette and spinning legs with 8-10 FPS to prove that I’m not using the electric screwdriver to spin the smart trainer, right?)

Main monitor: Samsung 27.5″ (Zwift on big monitor -Ā» pure awesomeness)

Secondary monitor: Samsung 24″ (mainly for Xsplit Broadcaster and for browser window to monitor the stream)

OS: Windows 10 – legal copy, I assure you, and always patched with the latest updates.

Livestream SW: Streamlabs OBS

This beauty runs Zwift in 4K with 40-50 FPS, but I rather keep it in 1080P Ultra, as my monitor cannot handle 4K resolution.

Oh, almost forgot: the ventilation is supported by a floor fan with 450mm diameter – it can cause a hurricane if I want to!

So this is it, my glorious machine, pumping out the data to YouTube to entertain you with my suffering during training and racing!

The other two, well, actually I use an iPad or an iPhone 11/Galaxy A50 if I go to the gym, and recording the screen during Zwift Running, then upload it to Youtube. Cannot get more simpler than that!