What’s the matter with us?

Sometimes I don’t get it.

I simply don’t get it.

We get up at 4AM. At 5AM. Doesn’t go to sleep at 9PM. At 10PM. Lunch run/ride? No issue, let’s get trotting away with a smile on our face.

I mean, I know I’M part of it, and I’m quite happy about it! But I simply don’t get it.

We are freezing our arses off doing outdoor runs during winter. Snow? Even better! Riding in the heatwave during summer. We skip an hour on the sofa just to get it done.

Have an hour in the morning / afternoon / evening? Quick! Grab those running shoes, hop on your bike, log into Watopia! We are pedaling away happily.

We put ourselves in the hurt locker, doing 8x400m flying, or FTP tests just to see how much we are willing to suffer!? Alpe du Zwift? If anything, it is too short!

Our heart almost fibrillate during max HR tests. Just. One. Beat. Higher. Please. Than stop and puke. Clean your mouth, calm that heartbeat, continue.

Others sitting on their sofa, watching you suffer. Listening in to the turbo trainer’s squeaking noise while you make your effort for that green jersey. And they didn’t get it.

So Why?

KOM jerseys in Zwift

I want to PROVE! Whaddayasayin’? I can’t? Here, hold my beer, lemme show you that I CAN!

I want to PROVE myself, I want to crush that yesterday self. Improving on him, and leaving yesterday’s self in the dust with today’s performance.

So yeah. I don’t get it WHY am I like this…But I love the feeling of accomplishment.

And sometimes I like to beat others. But it’s mainly about the accomplishment 😉