About that…I’ve had my fair share of unstructured training, self guided, and convinced that I know very well what I’m doing.

Overtraining. That was what I was doing. Overtraining from time to time, from month to month, and year after year. Losing motivation, canceling events and targets.

Now, it’s different. I’ve picked up a TrainingPeaks paid account, started to record everything about my training, and my nutrition (if you call it that) with MyFitnessPal (connected to TrainingPeaks), using Garmin Connect and Zwift (connected to TrainingPeaks). So rolling into 2018, I’ve had a handful of months of data, it was time to get it right this time!

After the 2018 events were completed, I’ve picked up a training plan in Zwift (Build me up) and started my Gym routine.

…under development…

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