Here we go with the food. Seems pretty much self explanatory, this page, however, I’d like to shed some light why I’ve created this one.

Back in April of 2017, I was sitting in my office chair with my 112kgs (that’s 246 pounds!), doing my job and wondering about the good old days with 84 kgs (I know what you are thinking.- poor chair. But I can assure you these are sturdy office chairs)

So it was time to take action, and I bought a road bike, activated my Zwift account from a year long hibernation, and saddled up! But no training worth it’s weight if you skip fine tuning your diet! So the next step was my dietary “plan”.

It was rather simple, contained a handful of elements, namely 1. monitor kcal intake 2. eat less kcal than using up 3. optimise the proportion of macros

Now the first 2 are a no brainer, the third one is a the tricky part – stay away from high GI, low quality carbohydrates. That is somewhat though on one’s will, as easily digestible carbohydrates are fulfilling a very basic needs of energy intake, however, after you eat them, they causing havoc in your insulin level, and your precious body will start delivering the carbohydrates to fat stores (and your glycogen stores, but these could be filled easily), and after the insulin spiked, and the CH got less in your body, you’ll want MOAR FOOD! So double bad…

Long story short, while my dietary plan is far away from perfect and balanced (don’t really like vegetables), I’m dedicating this page to share my foods I usually eat, and try to shed some light on their macronutrients content.

Protein Pancake with Nutella