My name is Andras Beck, and I’m a cycling and gadget enthusiast.

I feel comfortable in the saddle, but never retreating from a short (or not so short) run, and occasionally swimming. I did my fair share in the gym for four years from year 2000 as an employee and I did my weight training there as well.

After that I’ve switched to long distance triathlon, skipping the sprint and short distance (after all, big boys do no drafting, right?). Completed two half Ironman distance and two Ironman distance event, then came a little bit of a break due to family related issues.

After I picked myself together, I’ve found myself on the side of a lovely girl, nowadays I’m lucky to call her my wife, and the mother of our two beautiful children.

In the past 2 years, I’ve found my purpose again in cycling, so I’ve dedicated more and more time for it, and since I really like gadgets, I live in a golden age to share my journey, livestream my training, and record my races (virtual or real).

On pure numbers basis, I’m currently 93kg (dropped from 112kg in 18 months) for 1.86m height, and I have a build what you’d call mesomorf.

My current targets are mid-long distance cycling events with UCI legal bikes. That covers everything from 2hrs road cycling races up to 10hrs solo rides around our lovely Lake Balaton in Hungary.