Kick off 2020

Hi there!

Long time no see! I know, I know, it’s entirely on me. Let’s change that, shall we?

So, rolling into 2020 – new decade, new targets, new everything! Actually not really everything, my crave for training is the same, but my intention, about what to do with it, changed somewhat. Here are the details!

  • dropped to 85-86kg (so far)
  • FTP is the same (313w, or about, haven’t tested since middle of winter)
  • joined a triathlon club (KisTri Team)
  • Signed up for 8 events this year
  • Had a nice training streak from 1st of december up to 26th of February (yes, 88 days streak 😀 )

Whoa! That’s a lot going on right?! So what to make about all of this for 2020 AND 2021?

My main target is for 2021 – getting back to Ironman distance triathlon. For that, I’ve successfully increased the training volume to 550 hours / year in 2019, and I’ll keep it up in 2020. I’ve started to restructure my training from about 90% cycling and 10% running to a more triathlon friendly 60% cycling, 25% running and 15% swimming.

This year so far is so good:


So what’s next? Race season is kicking off. Here is a drilldown of the events (DD/MM/YYYY).

  • 01/03/2020 – Pécs Harkány 25km running race
  • 05/04/2020 – Telekom Vívicittá Half Marathon running race
  • 03/05/2020 – Tour de Tisza tó 65km cycling race
  • 06/06/2020 – 2x100km Baranyában – cycling tour and IRL meetup with Zwifters
  • 27/06/2020 – Lökiman Half Distance Ironman triathlon
  • 19/07/2020 – Old Lake Man Half Distance Ironman triathlon
  • 02/08/2020 – Bükk Mountain Bike Maraton
  • 05/09/2020 – Balatonman Kenese Half Ironman Distance triathlon

Phew! Got all that? Good. Quite a busy year! Also, if you look closely, the events are transitioning from running/cycling to triathlon around mid year. Well, except the MTB maraton, which I put there to have some fun during the summer. I intend to have fun in the process,you know 🙂

So this weekend (today is 27/02/2020) I’ll kick off the racing season, and a pretty serious one for me with the good old Pécs Harkány road running race. It’s a nostalgic experience, used to run it from 2001 to 2005 with friends, so it’s kind of a throwback event for me.

This year is special – this year, dreams will happen! Dreams in the sense that I was dreaming about getting back into serious training since 2010, and finally I was there last year. Dreams in the sense that I’ve wanted to race long course triathlons since 2006 again with proper form, and finally I am there again! So wish me luck, because this year will be anything but boring!

See you on the course!


January, 2019

This is it. January, 2019. I’ve been waiting impatiently for this month.

Not because it’s a “new beginning” with 1st of January (I’d rather think about the year as a continuous line thing than a wheel which goes around and around), but because with December is gone, my attention is usually sparking up for the events of the given year 😉

So, what about 2019? Well…Let’s start with the events.

  1. 11th of May, Tour de Tisza lake, 65km
  2. first half of June, Tour de Pelso, 200km
  3. Middle of July, Tour de Ring, 105km

Not many right? I’ve picked these because these are mainly amateur events, without people who are participating in the Hungarian road cycling cup. I like the mood on these events.

How am I’ll hold up there, we will see. In 2019, I’ll start the year stronger than ever. Fact, not fiction. Last year I’ve had a mediocre year, however, the Build Me Up training plan in Zwift gave me an edge (over my past self) with the end of the year, and I’ve kicked off January in a good and generally strong mood (again, comparing to myself). After a week, my regeneration suffered because the training load was up, my calorie intake was down. Readjusted, now it feels more comfortable. Before it was under 2k kcal / day + training kcal, now it’s 2.3 kcal / day + training kcal.

While we are at it, my ultimate target with the meals is to get at least to 85kg by the end of the year. So it’s a whole year target, while training for the above events. Currently I’m 92,3kg (measured yesterday), 0.5 kg lighter than a week before. If the trend would be similar thru the whole year, I’d hit 85 by Christmas 😉

So about January. Restarted the BMU training plan. Yes, seriously, I’m doing it again. First of all, I gained great strength by it, so why wouldn’t I do that again with increased FTP? Secondly, I’m filling up the rest days with workouts of the 6 weeks beginner FTP training. It conatins mainly Z2/Z3 efforts, which fits well for me into the week.

Also, great news! It looks like the Group Rides I organized last years are sticking to the wall, Zwifters from ZHO (Zwift Hungary – Official) are interested! So the Sunday group rides are my responsibility for every second Sunday, and enjoying it! 🙂

Enjoying it so much, so I’ve organized a Wednesday morning (like, early morning..or rather dawn) ride for the young parents who can only do rides at dawn because family and work. We call it Dawn Patrol, and there are a dozen rider (hey! we are talking about a small country, okay? 🙂 ) who are intrigued to come and do it.

So yeah, January is pretty exciting, and I do hope it’ll continue in February!

Thanks for reading!


Andras aka The Zwift Bull


December, 2018

I’ve finished it. During the Build Me Up training plan, I did have my fair share of doubts that I’ll ever say that sentence. It was challenging, mainly because of my stupidity, nonetheless, I’ve fought hard in the second phase to stay with it.

The thing is, I’ve probably never had higher TSS load than 500 in a week (excluding the looong rides around Lake Balaton, but those are low intensity, and usually followed up by a multiple days of rest). As you can see the graphs below, I’ve successfully pulled in one week with 879 TSS when I’ve done Gym training, treadmill running AND the BMU. After that, I simply had to skip the GYM and treadmill. It was too much.

TSS by week Trainingpeaks
TSS per week load during BMU

In the end I’ve had a feeling that I’m stronger than at the start, mainly because I did hope that will be result after all ( 😉 ), and because I wasn’t dieing every second day of the workouts. Week 10 and 11 were monsters, pulling off nasty tricks to keep my “entertained”. Be prepared, when the coach says these are tough weeks – than these really are tough weeks…

Before I share my FTP result, let’s speak about my starting point of FTP. It was false. I’ve set 275 W as FTP in Zwift because my Garmin measured that outside, but it was measured at the start of summer (June) when I was in training. After that, I’ve had 3 weeks of forced rest due to an injury (hey, do not fall off from your bike on rough surface, okay?), and August went by mainly with low-middle intensity rides. According to an expert after watched my videos at the start of the plan (end of phase one), my FTP was probably around 265. My guess was 260 max, but I didn’t bothered to do an FTP test beforehand (always do an FTP test beforehand!). So my struggle during those Unicorn workouts, and the VO2Max workouts was mainly because a.) these are supposed to hurts and b.) I’ve had my FTP set tad higher than it is.

So, with that in mind, I’ve started the MAP (Maximum Aerobic Power) test after I’ve done some rest /easy freeride days (video at the end with my test). Why the MAP? First of all, I hate the 20 minutes FTP test. Like, really… Secondly, in the Zwift Hungary – Official Fb group we are promoting the MAP test as a test where you don’t have to suffer that long, and can get a precise enough result out of the one minute maximum power, and I wanted to try the test what I did promoted to the others in the group. One guy created two customer workout file, one for higher FTP one for lower FTP, and we are calculating 72% of the one minute power, because based on real world data / experience, 72% is closer to the real FTP than the universally accepted 75% and we don’t want to overshoot the FTP after the test (after all, I did it just a few weeks ago, and it was horrendous to do the workouts with higher than real FTP).

The test went well, I did an extra 20 minutes easy ride to warm up my knees (the left one developed a slight…well, not pain, rather discomfort in the last weeks, so I thought it’s a good idea to give it another couple of minutes to get it going. The first handful of minutes went by peacefully doing the steps, but after a while, I’ve started to feel the load climbing up, and suddenly I’ve noticed my lungs / heart working hard to keep up! I mean, that was the expected effect, it was just funny how sneaky it happened! And when it turned really anaerobic, legs started to burn, but the pedals were still turning, so no point to stop! I knew I was on the right path when I saw my heart rate – highest in the past 3 months 🙂

Than suddenly it was like pedaling in thick mud, my legs didn’t turn, I couldn’t convince them to speed up above 70 RPM, so time to stop, and catch my breath. And bio! My breath was evasive! I needed a minute to raise my head, I was expelled in the test! Although, as expected, it was a much more comfy feeling than the 20 minutes FTP test.

And the surprise: my FTP turned out at 300W (298.5, but I gave that 1.5 watts to myself to have it at 300 🙂 It sounds cool )! That means, I’ve gained at least 25 watts compared to 275, but in reality, it was closer to 35-40 watts of gain during the 3 months! Awesomesouce! Of course, it was the first structured and executed plan for me after years of “biking happily around” , so I expect it was a one time “jump” in my FTP. Nonetheless -> happy bunny here!

We already discussed in the group where to go after that. Probably I’ll redo the BMU training plan, because I miss the Unicorns, and I miss 17 videos from my playlist of BMU workouts XD Anyhow, January of 2019 – another round of BMU with my now-measured FTP!

Ride on!

What’s the matter with us?

Sometimes I don’t get it.

I simply don’t get it.

We get up at 4AM. At 5AM. Doesn’t go to sleep at 9PM. At 10PM. Lunch run/ride? No issue, let’s get trotting away with a smile on our face.

I mean, I know I’M part of it, and I’m quite happy about it! But I simply don’t get it.

We are freezing our arses off doing outdoor runs during winter. Snow? Even better! Riding in the heatwave during summer. We skip an hour on the sofa just to get it done.

Have an hour in the morning / afternoon / evening? Quick! Grab those running shoes, hop on your bike, log into Watopia! We are pedaling away happily.

We put ourselves in the hurt locker, doing 8x400m flying, or FTP tests just to see how much we are willing to suffer!? Alpe du Zwift? If anything, it is too short!

Our heart almost fibrillate during max HR tests. Just. One. Beat. Higher. Please. Than stop and puke. Clean your mouth, calm that heartbeat, continue.

Others sitting on their sofa, watching you suffer. Listening in to the turbo trainer’s squeaking noise while you make your effort for that green jersey. And they didn’t get it.

So Why?

KOM jerseys in Zwift

I want to PROVE! Whaddayasayin’? I can’t? Here, hold my beer, lemme show you that I CAN!

I want to PROVE myself, I want to crush that yesterday self. Improving on him, and leaving yesterday’s self in the dust with today’s performance.

So yeah. I don’t get it WHY am I like this…But I love the feeling of accomplishment.

And sometimes I like to beat others. But it’s mainly about the accomplishment 😉

Build me up training plan

So this is it! The current training plan I’m on, Ze Unicorn one, the VO2Max killing machine!

Truth to be told, I don’t know why I’ve picked this one. Probably I was pondering about weekly TSS and weekly hours, and Build me up (BMU from now on) training plan looked like a fit into my ideas for autumn / winter first training plan.

Overall training load for Build me up training plan
TSS load during the 13 weeks (incl. week 0)

And boi I was right! I mean with my choice. I was able to fit 3 other training (treadmill+Gym session) into my weeks from the start up to week 7! So the load was manageable, but it got harder and harder until on week 7 during LOX workout my heart literally gave up on me! You can check in the video at 45 minutes mark. My HR started to climb up in the interval, and then suddenly it dropped in a few seconds to 70 BPM, my heart pounding like a crazy miner with a pick, strength gone from legs…Had to stop actually, and take a few breaths before continuing the training.

So in the past 2-3 weeks, it’s crystallized in my head that BMU training plan is not for beginners, so if you haven’t have enough kilometers (3-4000km / past few months) or unfamiliar with race load (high load, surges, etc.) than it could lead to overtraining and disappointment.

TSS by weeks
Weekly rundown of training load of BMU training plan

A brief overlook about the BMU training plan below, marked the nastiest workout each week. You are probably wondering about those Unicorns. These are hard workouts, which getting harder with each iteration. Actually, the Unicorn workouts starting to get international recognition as running jokes in comments. Also, worth to note the ramping up training load from week 5, and make no mistake – those VO2Max workouts on week 6 / 7 / 8 will hurt. Badly. I’m currently looking forward to week 9 (rest week) and can’t eeven anticipate the load on week 12 (in Zwift Week 1 is actually Week 0)

Note that the TSS numbers are approximate numbers from What’s on Zwift website, probably varies in you experience.

So, in a nutshell, if you are experienced in suffering and pain (or at least touched that in the past months with your training load / race experience) go for it, pick up Build Me Up training plan. Otherwise, please pick a lighter load with more volume and less high-power-and-cadence work.

TSS load and hardest workout
TSS chart with hardest workouts

With that, thank you for your attention!



Zwift Fondo November 11th

It’s Fondo season again in Zwift! Time to put out some grueling watts for “oh-too-long” duration, and earn that food afterwards!

So the first stage is complete (it was held on 11th of November), and after a short discussion with Family, I’ve opted for the Bambino distance. I know, Bambino distance seems short, but here is the catch: you’ll go up to the Radio Tower (Epic KOM included ofc), and when you are closing in on that last 10km, it sends you up to Volcano KOM!

So plenty of opportunity to destroy those muscles! With the short distance comes a higher pace, so if you aren’t in control of your effort (e.g. you go with the flow of others),you’ll hurt badly. I’ve learned it in a hard way (via a handful of DNF in Zwift Racing)

During the event I as mainly in control. My target was to keep up an effort which is uncomfortable, yet manageable til the end. Targets were 1-1.5 W/kg on downhills, 2-2.5 W/kg on flat and 2.5-3.5W/kg on uphills. Uphill was rather 3W/kg, as I wasn’t dare to push my limits at the first half, and took a laid back approach on the Radio Tower uphill section, didn’t want to shoot myself in the foot in the first hour.

After the Radio Tower, on the downhill section I started the surges on the very short uphills (there is one? or two? Can’t recall) which I continued on the Volcano. Volcano KOM was a nice addition to the end of the route, but the positions didn’t really changed there, everybody settled by then (of course, some fall back, some came up in front, but no real fluctuations).

When we started the Volcano KOM downhill, I’ve caught up some (5?) other riders, and later a group formed up to 1km mark. With 800 meters to go, I’ve opened my “sprint” (or rather a higher effort) with 3.5-4-4.5W/kg, but it was way to early, and around the 200m mark a handful of the riders caught up and left me behind.

All in all, it was a good experience, I’ve managed my efforts, and enjoyed every minute of it!

Let’s do that again in December 😉

My TrainingPeaks data about the event

Pictures, you ask? Here you go!


October, 2018

So here we go, a summary of October in 2018.

It wasn’t that hard. I mean, I was tired from day to day, but I could manage to counter balance it with sleep and nutrition, so, yes, I was tired after training, but relatively fresh before them every time! Accumulated 43 training hours and only three days without training.

I know it’s not THAT much. Many other fellow amateur athlete is doing more than me, however, I already thought that 2018 is a good year for me, and October turned out to be my most active month! I’m a happy bunny!

Thing is, I’ve pushed thru some discomfort (but that’s expected while training, innit?), some early morning wasn’t really easy, also factoring in travelling into my training is always a pain in the butt…I’m getting up at 4:30 AM, cycling usually starts at 5:30 AM or Gym/treadmill at 6 AM.

Nevertheless, here goes the data what I’m proud of, as my personal achievement! Let’s see what November will bring!


My Rig

What’s the deal with my Zwift setup? Which one? 🙂

Actually I have three “setup”, but only one is the real setup, the other two are standalone devices.

My main rig is a Windows PC (yeah, you’ve heard me right, a Windows 10 PC). Just upgraded, so I’ll list only the new one here, however, on my Youtube channel, you can check the specs for the AMD Ryzen config which I’ve used earlier for live streaming.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 2400G

GPU: GeForce® GTX 1060 Mini ITX OC 3G (benchmark site)

RAM: 1x8Gb DDR4 2400Mhz (plan to increase to 16Gb by 2019)

SSD: Intel 540 series SSD 256Gb (Zwift and Xsplit Broadcaster running from this drive as well as Windows 10)

HDD: Toshiba 1Tb HDD (for recordings of Xsplit Broadcaster and other softwares)

Keyboard: Logitech K400 keyboard+mouse combo (one of the best choices for Zwifters methink)

Main webcam: Logitech c920 – a nice choice, and while it’s not capable for 60fps or background removal, it does have a very nice picture! Situated in front of me.

Secondary webcam: Logitech c170 – I know…The little webcam that could! At least it could show you my casette and spinning legs with 8-10 FPS to prove that I’m not using the electric screwdriver to spin the smart trainer, right?)

Main monitor: Samsung 27.5″ (Zwift on big monitor -» pure awesomeness)

Secondary monitor: Samsung 24″ (mainly for Xsplit Broadcaster and for browser window to monitor the stream)

OS: Windows 10 – legal copy, I assure you, and always patched with the latest updates.

Livestream SW: Streamlabs OBS

This beauty runs Zwift in 4K with 40-50 FPS, but I rather keep it in 1080P Ultra, as my monitor cannot handle 4K resolution.

Oh, almost forgot: the ventilation is supported by a floor fan with 450mm diameter – it can cause a hurricane if I want to!

So this is it, my glorious machine, pumping out the data to YouTube to entertain you with my suffering during training and racing!

The other two, well, actually I use an iPad or an iPhone 11/Galaxy A50 if I go to the gym, and recording the screen during Zwift Running, then upload it to Youtube. Cannot get more simpler than that!


Protein Pancake with Nutella

So here we go about my first food recipe. Actually, I’m not sure it’s counts as a recipe, probably more simple than bread and butter, but hey! I’ll call it recipe anyway 😉

So I usually eat this when I’m craving for sweet stuffs, but don’t want to eat shite like Mars or Snickers bar.

It’s called Protein Pancake (chocolate flavoured), sold by Nutriversum (and by many others I’m sure). Very simple to make, as one spoon (they sell the spoon with it) need 75ml of milk. That’s it, you only have to dissolve the powder in the milk and bake it / fry it in a pan. I pick baking lately, the mess is waaay better  compared to the mess when I’m using frying pan in the kitchen 🙂

So the powder contains IMG_7557202 kcal / 15g carbohydrates / 20g protein / 6g fat for one serving.




IMG_7542I add 75ml / serving 1.5% milk, so one fried piece will have 239 kcal / 19g  carbohydrates / 22g protein and 7g fat. You can bake it to various forms, I usually pick larger forms as I’m making 4 slices at once into one piece, but when I’m in the mood, I pick the muffin forms.



I eat it with one teaspoon of Nutella, for the extra sweetness, it only adds around 20kcal / 5g carbohydrate and 1g protein, so if you ride A LOT (run a lot, or doing any serious activity A LOT 🙂 ), you’ll don’t have to worry about the Nutella. That is unless you start to consume it in itself with tablespoons (I’ve read that it can happen 😉 )

So in the end, you’ll have some nice looking, good tasting (if you have sweet tooth) and protein / carbohydrate filled goodie for the day instead of simple chocolate bars!


The building begins

Thank you for your interest!

I’m Andras, Hungarian, father of two, husband of one, and have a full time office job in Budapest.

In 2018 I’ve decided that after many years of struggling between running and cycling (and occasionally long distance triathlon) that I’ll stick to cycling. Why?

Multiple reasons. First of all, I have a road bike and a mountain bike at home, so that part is pretty self explanatory. But I do have running shoes as well, so that reason alone doesn’t really cut it. The second reason was because I ran a lot outside, during winter and summer as well. I don’t like winter running outside. Not.Even.A.Bit. Okay, getting there…

The main reason is because I like to longevity of bike events (think like above 100km events), I like to be in a speedy group rolling around a lake, and most of all, I did started with bike racing (although a ver basic level) back in ’97. Also have everything at home set up for indoor training.

I have a Tacx Flux trainer, a Cannondale CAAD8 with 105/Ultegra, a nice PC setup to live stream my heaving chest during events and trainings in Zwift, and yes, coming from last fact, I do have a Zwift account.

And boi! I like Zwift. Like, I’m a fan of it. I really think that Zwift kickstarted an evolution in thinking about indoor training a few years back. But a lot of others already said that. I was part of the Zwift beta (have the beta cycling kit to prove that 🙂 ), and hit level 25 in cycling recently (I’ve skipped a year in training…).

So I picked Zwift as a training tool to enhance my experience with the planned training for 2019 together with Training Peaks, and will post my journey here!

However, I couldn’t resist to the newish addition of Zwift running mode (hooray!), so I keep on running, but mainly on treadmills before the gym workout to collect the experience points and level up 🙂

So all in all, you’ll see mainly cycling and Zwift related stuffs on my site, and occasionally running (Zwift running) and some food. Food is good, right?


With that, thank you for your attention!



“Uphills, downhills, I like that” – Peter Sagan

Mayan Expansion Riding 4