Hi there!

Long time no see! I know, I know, it’s entirely on me. Let’s change that, shall we?

So, rolling into 2020 – new decade, new targets, new everything! Actually not really everything, my crave for training is the same, but my intention, about what to do with it, changed somewhat. Here are the details!

  • dropped to 85-86kg (so far)
  • FTP is the same (313w, or about, haven’t tested since middle of winter)
  • joined a triathlon club (KisTri Team)
  • Signed up for 8 events this year
  • Had a nice training streak from 1st of december up to 26th of February (yes, 88 days streak 😀 )

Whoa! That’s a lot going on right?! So what to make about all of this for 2020 AND 2021?

My main target is for 2021 – getting back to Ironman distance triathlon. For that, I’ve successfully increased the training volume to 550 hours / year in 2019, and I’ll keep it up in 2020. I’ve started to restructure my training from about 90% cycling and 10% running to a more triathlon friendly 60% cycling, 25% running and 15% swimming.

This year so far is so good:


So what’s next? Race season is kicking off. Here is a drilldown of the events (DD/MM/YYYY).

  • 01/03/2020 – Pécs Harkány 25km running race
  • 05/04/2020 – Telekom Vívicittá Half Marathon running race
  • 03/05/2020 – Tour de Tisza tó 65km cycling race
  • 06/06/2020 – 2x100km Baranyában – cycling tour and IRL meetup with Zwifters
  • 27/06/2020 – Lökiman Half Distance Ironman triathlon
  • 19/07/2020 – Old Lake Man Half Distance Ironman triathlon
  • 02/08/2020 – Bükk Mountain Bike Maraton
  • 05/09/2020 – Balatonman Kenese Half Ironman Distance triathlon

Phew! Got all that? Good. Quite a busy year! Also, if you look closely, the events are transitioning from running/cycling to triathlon around mid year. Well, except the MTB maraton, which I put there to have some fun during the summer. I intend to have fun in the process,you know 🙂

So this weekend (today is 27/02/2020) I’ll kick off the racing season, and a pretty serious one for me with the good old Pécs Harkány road running race. It’s a nostalgic experience, used to run it from 2001 to 2005 with friends, so it’s kind of a throwback event for me.

This year is special – this year, dreams will happen! Dreams in the sense that I was dreaming about getting back into serious training since 2010, and finally I was there last year. Dreams in the sense that I’ve wanted to race long course triathlons since 2006 again with proper form, and finally I am there again! So wish me luck, because this year will be anything but boring!

See you on the course!


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