So this is it! The current training plan I’m on, Ze Unicorn one, the VO2Max killing machine!

Truth to be told, I don’t know why I’ve picked this one. Probably I was pondering about weekly TSS and weekly hours, and Build me up (BMU from now on) training plan looked like a fit into my ideas for autumn / winter first training plan.

Overall training load for Build me up training plan
TSS load during the 13 weeks (incl. week 0)

And boi I was right! I mean with my choice. I was able to fit 3 other training (treadmill+Gym session) into my weeks from the start up to week 7! So the load was manageable, but it got harder and harder until on week 7 during LOX workout my heart literally gave up on me! You can check in the video at 45 minutes mark. My HR started to climb up in the interval, and then suddenly it dropped in a few seconds to 70 BPM, my heart pounding like a crazy miner with a pick, strength gone from legs…Had to stop actually, and take a few breaths before continuing the training.

So in the past 2-3 weeks, it’s crystallized in my head that BMU training plan is not for beginners, so if you haven’t have enough kilometers (3-4000km / past few months) or unfamiliar with race load (high load, surges, etc.) than it could lead to overtraining and disappointment.

TSS by weeks
Weekly rundown of training load of BMU training plan

A brief overlook about the BMU training plan below, marked the nastiest workout each week. You are probably wondering about those Unicorns. These are hard workouts, which getting harder with each iteration. Actually, the Unicorn workouts starting to get international recognition as running jokes in comments. Also, worth to note the ramping up training load from week 5, and make no mistake – those VO2Max workouts on week 6 / 7 / 8 will hurt. Badly. I’m currently looking forward to week 9 (rest week) and can’t eeven anticipate the load on week 12 (in Zwift Week 1 is actually Week 0)

Note that the TSS numbers are approximate numbers from What’s on Zwift website, probably varies in you experience.

So, in a nutshell, if you are experienced in suffering and pain (or at least touched that in the past months with your training load / race experience) go for it, pick up Build Me Up training plan. Otherwise, please pick a lighter load with more volume and less high-power-and-cadence work.

TSS load and hardest workout
TSS chart with hardest workouts

With that, thank you for your attention!



11 thoughts on “Build me up training plan

    1. Hi Sean!

      Sure thing,I’m currently on Week 9 with the Build me up training plan. You can check my workouts on the link below (YouTube Playlist). It’ll miss some,as at the beginning I was doing gym and run workouts as well,so I’ve had to skip 4 workout due to time constraints(3 in the first 2 weeks and 1 on..week 4 probably). The others are there. Have to say,it is a proper training plan! My cadence and comfort with higher wattage increased greatly,probably my FTP as well,but I’ll wait with an FTP test until I’ve finished with the plan.


    1. Hy Dylan! I’ve done the plan in the last three months of 2018 for the first time,and restarted it in January 😉During my first stint,my FTP increased from 275 to 300. As my equipment is a Tacx Neo 1 and an NGeco power meter,I think of it as a proper result. Some expert told me that at the start my FTP was rather 265 and not 275,but the number in Zwift and Trainingpeaks was set to 275,so that’s it. Around 10% increase is quite nice methink,I’m looking forward to share my result of the second tint 😁


  1. Hey, enjoyed your write-up. I’ve just got back in to training after a fairly long lay-off – coming towards the end of the 6 week FTP Builder plan & I was planning on jumping straight in to this plan after, do you think I’d be better off perhaps doing another block of the FTP builder plan to get accustomed to the workload etc again?

    Currently working with a pretty low FTP (160ish) but obviously the power demands get scaled to your FTP. Any thoughts would be appreciated!



    1. Hi Court, I believe you’d be fine with Build Me Up training plan, it is one of the most complex one available in Zwift. It’ll focus on many areas of a cyclist, so don’t be surprised when it asks for a lot! It is bad idea to start it from scratch, but you already finished 6 weeks beginner FTP builder, so you have a general idea about zones and stuffs. Be prepared, because BMU will bring down the hammer from time to time, so it is mandatory to have an FTP set properly before you start! However, I think by the end of the 12 weeks, you’ll a more complete cyclist regarding your cadence, ftp and endurance! Whenever in doubt, remember that #youcandoit and just #huphuphup 😉 (You’ll understand once you are into BMU 😉 )


  2. Hi,
    Do you have to do all 3 Beginning prep rides of BMU? And when are the off days, I started on a Saturday? Thanks in advance


    1. Hi Luis,
      Actually you don’t have to do them,but it’s better if you do (especially if you aren’t familiar with your zones or unsure about your FTP. I think the plan starts on Monday,and even if you’ve started on a Saturday,it’ll settle in for “first workout on Monday”. Zwift training plans are scheduled,so I don’t think it’ll be different regardless the starting day. For rest days,yeah,tricky. On an easy week,you’ll have 3 WO and 4 rest days,on tougher weeks,you’ll end up with 5 WO (and not easy ones) and only 2 rest days. Rest days are usually during weekdays,except for the weeks with 3 WO. Within the schedule,you’ll have 2-3 daS to complete a WO,but once it’s expired,you can’t roll back and complete it.


      1. Just noticed Devedeset isn’t available for 3 days. How do I unlock? Have my FTP and ready to start today (mon) w/o doing another prep..


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